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Visa support
20 Jul 2024
Dear participants and guests!

   Service Center EXPOTOUR provides Visa support to foreign participants and guests of the Exhibition. We provide visa support and the necessary documents (invitation for arrival in the Russian Federation) for getting visa. Usually, these are the documents for 30 days visa.

   To obtain Visa support from Service Center "EXPO-TOUR" you will have to send us an attested copy of your application form including the following data:
  1. your surname and first name; *
  2. sex (male or female);
  3. date of birth (as in passport);
  4. place of birth;
  5. number of your passport date of its issuing;
  6. validity of your passport;
  7. citizenship;
  8. the country of permanent residence;
  9. place of work abroad, the full name of your organization, its address, phone, fax, e-mail; *
  10. occupation;
  11. a copy of the page in your passport or diplomatic card containing common data:
  12.    - number of you passport or diplomatic card;
      - date of issuing the passport or diplomatic card (date, month, year) date of validity;
      - date and place of your birth (country, city);
  13. place to obtain visa at;
  14. date of arrival and departure from Russia;
  15. places of your visit in Russia (the visit should not be more than 3 days in a city);
  16. purpose of your visit (participating in the Exhibition, business visit of the Exhibition, tourism);
  17. availability of insurance policy for the period of your visit or necessity of providing to you by the inviting organization;
  18. information, guaranteeing that you have a certain sum of money for staying in Russia and for departure from Russia after the period of staying.

   The numbers, marked by (*) should be written in the Russian and Latin languages as it is noted in your passport or diplomatic card.

Services in making invitation for entry into the Russian Federation are done by Service Center EXPO-TOUR free of charge. A postage for transferring invitation is paid additionally.

59 Prospect Lenina, Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region, 622034 Russia
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