59 Prospect Lenina, Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region, 622034 Russia


EXPO 2013 Российская выставка вооружения
25 – 28 SEP 2013г.

tel: +7 (3435) 42-18-41
fax: +7 (3435) 42-06-16
e-mail: expo-tour@list.ru


About us
30 Jan 2015

    Service Centre EXPO-TOUR is an official tour operator of the International exhibitions, taking place in Nizhny Tagil. Year after year our company makes progress in organizing services for participants and guests of the Exhibitions.

    Creating the most favorable conditions for our clients to work and rest, individual approach to every client, high-quality services and long-term cooperation are the priorities of our work.

    We provide services for Russian and foreign participants and guests who would like to stay in Yekaterinburg or Nizhny Tagil.

    We are glad to offer wide range of services including accommodation meals, transport (arrival, departure, daily transfer to the Exhibition Site, car renting), sight-seeing programs, services of interpreters, etc.

    Welcome to the Exhibitions!

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59 Prospect Lenina, Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region, 622034 Russia
tel: +7 (3435) 42-18-41 fax: +7 (3435) 42-06-16 e-mail: expo-tour@list.ru
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